Today I put my wooly hat and coat on, and went out to do some outdoor photography. Christmas is coming, and my online shop needs replenishing with more lovely handmade Christmas and holiday goodies and gifts.

I’ve just completed another kiln firing so there is plenty more one-off pieces to show-off in my shop.

I wanted to concentrate on my ceramic boat sculptures. They’re a bit of a trademark piece for me as I’m quite well-known for making them. Every one is different and each is a joy to make. For me they conjure up wide open oceans, journeys, adventure, and the sense that anything is possible.

So today I needed a nautical seaside theme for my shoot.Β  Luckily, my son Edward (age 7 1/2) and I love going on coastal walks, and scouring the strandline for interesting finds. He’s gathered up quite a collection, and I had no compunction raiding his stash today! Just look at all those gorgeous pieces of vintage pottery, seaglass, and interestingly-wormholed driftwood, and a choice crystal that washed up on Deal beach the other day. I just love it!